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Call for Papers

We appreciate your interest in joining our show and look forward to hearing from you. Due to the competitive nature of events, the information on this page will be limited.

Your point of contact for all content discussion is James Nesbitt, Founder and Director of the Cyber Senate. He can be reached at +44 (0)207 096 1754 or via email james.nesbitt@cybersenate.com

Airlines, Airports, Air Traffic Control and ANSP’s are our priority. We are interested to hear from, but are not limited to the following titles: CISO’s, Head of Operational Technologies, CIO, Head of Instrumentation and Control, Director of Incident Response, Head of Cyber Risk Management, Industrial Control Security Directors, Head of Safety and Security, SCADA Cyber Security Director, Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert, Head of Threat Detection, Head of Operational Risk, Industrial Cyber Security Risk Manager, ICS Cybersecurity Lead

All vendors are required to sponsor. However, sponsorship does not guarantee presentation opportunities as we only accept presentations that are highly relevant, educational and represent the best interests of the sector.

Interested parties please send a title, 4-5 bullet points, brief synopsis of your suggested presentation, and an overview of your work and history in the sector to james.nesbitt@cybersenate.com


Thank you

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