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Boeing hit by WannaCry Attack

According to reports on Wednesday Boeing said that it was hit by a WannaCry cyberattack. 

In an article in the New York Times,  Boeing are claimed to have stated “In an internal memo, Mike VanderWel, chief engineer of Boeing Commercial Airplane production engineering, said the attack was “metastasizing” and he worried it could spread to Boeing’s production systems and airline software.

“We are on a call with just about every VP in Boeing,” Mr. VanderWel wrote. The memo called for “All hands on deck.”

According to reports, “The City of Atlanta was hit with a different form of ransomware last week and was still reeling from the fallout on Wednesday.”

Boeing has played down the attack in reports and said it was “limited in scope and that it had not affected the company’s production lines.”

2nd annual Aviation Cyber Security Summit 2018
The 2nd annual Aviation Cyber Security Summit will be held in London on November 6/7th to specifically address how Airlines, Airports and Air Traffic Control operators are addressing and mitigating cyber threats. 

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