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London, UK – The Cyber Senate has arranged a strategic alliance with The Industrial Control System Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ICS-ISAC), a Private/Public center for knowledge sharing regarding Industrial Control System (ICS) cybersecurity and part of Webster University’s Cyberpspace Research Institute..
The Cyber Senate will be developing and launching key events in coordination with the Industrial Control System Information Sharing and Analysis Center, leveraging their insight, knowledge and capability to create progressive information sharing platforms.

ICS-ISAC has a mission to capture and transport critical cybersecurity information related to cyber risks to infrastructures between involved parties. James Nesbitt, Founder and Director of the Cyber Senate stated “We are very happy to have formed an alliance with the ICS ISAC. We feel strongly that this collaboration will benefit both public and private entities, providing a unique opportunity for all Critical National Infrastructure stakeholders and their respective verticals, to tap into a wealth of experience and knowledge required to assist in the progression of a safer more resilient society.” ICS-ISAC Chair Chris Blask noted that Cyber Senate is an example of an information sharing organization which spans key demographics. “The mission of information sharing involves many stakeholders groups across the entire global community. Cyber Senate captures key thought leaders and works to share information among them and with critical communities. We see Cyber Senate as a highly valuable organization and are pleased to support the good work they are doing.”

The Cyber Senate is a networking and information triage, creating a common voice for the Cyber Security industry. We provide guidance on pressing security issues, as well as host events across key Smart Infrastructure sectors such as Energy, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Transport and Healthcare to further progress public and private information sharing.

The Cyber Senate will be hosting a series of Industrial Control Security events in UK, Europe and the USA.

For more information contact:

The Cyber Senate
James Nesbitt
Founder and Director
+44 (0)207 096 1754

Chris Blask
Industrial Control System – Information Sharing and Analysis Center
+1 408 656-8732
Skype: chrisblask

CCI, the Industrial Cybersecurity Center, is a private, independent and non-profit Madrid (Spain)-based organization promoting Industrial Cybersecurity awareness within the industrial sector. Established in 2013, today CCI reaches an international bilingual, both Spanish- and English-speaking, community  -The CCI Ecosystem-  of 700+ organizations, public and private, and individuals from 30+ countries.
Visit us at www.cci-es.org

AM Cyber Inc.

AM Cyber is the brainchild of a group of renowned researchers with an altruistic mission: To ensure the safety of systems and work with stakeholders to address concerns before they become public. The team assesses risk and provides assistance across many industries. The breadth and depth of the AM Cyber team gives a unique perspective when engaging in research, application assessments, interoperability and remediation planning, and other strategic activities. In a nutshell, AM Cyber is a not-for-profit advocacy, research, and consulting group for critical infrastructure in relation to cybersecurity.


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We are an international cybersecurity firm created by renowned professionals, with an innovative vision and deep experience in the cybersecurity, technology and business consulting business. We were born to revolutionize the cybersecurity world and to provide new and differential services covering two existing needs in the market: IT Cybersecurity and Industrial Cybersecurity.


A new advanced and pragmatic approach to industrial cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection. A unique offering and platforms to grow and develop the cybersecurity talent. Our approach and offering are unique and complementary to the existing services being provided by other players in the market (consulting firms, vendors, integrators, etc.), which allow us to create immediate synergies: collaboration is part of our DNA.


Moreover, we have one of the best cybersecurity training and simulation platforms worldwide, to help and support the improvement of cybersecurity capabilities and develop top-level cybersecurity talent. Visit us at http://www.ihacklabs.com

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